BearBuddys Prehistoric Tar Pits Journey

BearBuddys at Tar Pits

BearBuddys With Prehistoric Friend

The BearBuddys recently took a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits and the Page Museum in Los Angels. They met up and palled around with one of their prehistoric bear relatives. He’s extinct, but they still had a good time.  The tar pits are still there, with replica of mastadons stuck in the tar along Wilshire Boulevard. Excavations of old bones stuck in the deep layers of tar are going on. The George C. Page Museum in the park where the tar pits are is filled with bones from the Ice Age (just like the animated movie) when animals would get trapped in the bubbly tar pits on the surface. More animals would attack them and they’d get stuck, too.

Prehistoric Lion Skeleton

Prehistoric Lion Skeleton at Page Museum

Sabre Tooth tigers, pre-historic lions and wolves, giant ground sloths, Mastadons and Mammoth skeletons can all be found there. Very educational. Only one human has been found in the tar, and not many bears, but a whole bunch of wolves! I guess wolves are kinda dumb. Alfred and Leander even found some Sabre Tooth cat and Woolly Mammoth stuffed animal friends there in the store, along with books on prehistoric times.  La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum

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