Starbucks Polar Bear Pi Ties Conspiracy

Starbucks Bear CookiesOkay, at the beginning of December, Polar Bear Cookies began to appear at Starbucks coffee shops. Cute and white frosted, the bears had red frosted neckties. Oddly the ties were in the shape of the math symbol Pi. What does this portend. What is the Polar Bear Cookie Conspiracy?

Starbuck Reading BearAh, not only did the bears appear, but also small stuffed furry bears in holiday clothes. I hesitate to say Christmas because we know how politically explosive that is. The cute little bear meant to attract the eyes of innocent children are reading miniature books titled “The Mouse Writer”. Now why would a bear be reading a mouse book. Could that be a connection to Disney’s famous mouse? Is he writing under a pseudonym? Is there a secret plot that connects Starbucks Coffee and mice, or a frozen animator in hybernation. Is it a message from a cryogenic freezer beyond the pale?

Starbuck Bears an Thanksgiving CoffeeAnd now the mystery thickens, the plot deepens.  The Polar Bear cookies have disappeared. Where did they go? What are they planning? And why are stuffed bears selling Thanksgiving Blend Coffee? Could they be plotting some revenge with turkeys? And can polar bears do advanced math?

The bear had

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