Polar Bear Twins Take Over Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo

Polar Bear Cub Twins at Hellabronn Zoo

Baby bears grow up and other baby bears come along, that’s the cycle of life in zoo marketing. With snowy white fur, polar bear cubs seem to catch the most attention in pictures and videoos, attracting visitors to zoos. The latest cute bear cubs to make their appearance come in a pair. Twins born to polar bear mom, Giovanna, at the Hellabrunn Tierpark zoo near Munich in southern Germany.

The cub twins were born on December 9, 2013, with color spy cameras watching their every moment. Forget the NSA, even bears get no privacy! The two little balls of snow have passed a medical examination and are reported in the best of health. They are now making regular appearances with mom in the arctic style family bear home.

The little cubs bumble with their paws on the artificial landscape of the Hellabrunner Eisbären Haus (that’s polar bear home in German) getting acquainted with the cool wet surfaces meant to seem like a natural habitat. The twins are a boy and a girl and are still separated from their dad, Yoghi, whom may get to cuddle with his kids when they get a little bigger, but will stay in his own enclosure until zoo keepers see how he and momma Gionvanna get along. It’s always the children who suffer. Hellabrunn Zoo

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