Bay Tree Hotel Bears Burford

Bay Tree Hotel Burford BearsHere are some bear friends who live at a hotel in the pretty Cotswold area of Gloucestershire England. The hotel is the Bay Tree Hotel in the town of Burford a luxury country inn style of hotel. Maybe Burford sounds like it might be a place for bears, but they are not known to be indigenous, at least for several hundreds of years. But if you stay at the cozy luxury little hotel in the medieval town, while visiting the historic sights like the old church and the stone bridge over the Windrush river where the town really gets its name, you can take home one of the Bay Tree Hotel Bears. Or just invite one to dinner in the excellent yummy restaurant.

Bay Tree Hotel BurfordThe town of Burford got really popular when they used to make a lot of clothes from wool in the old days when Queen Elizabeth (the first one) was the lady with the crown. Now it’s kind of quiet in Burford, since the railroad passed by, so mostly tourists like to stop there. It’s right on the highway between London and Gloucester. There are quaint shops and pubs in town, and other sights of Oxfordshire like Blenheim Palace are not far away.

The Bay Tree Hotel has walls of Cotswold limestone with colorful vines of purple wisteria blooms, inside wood beam rafters and wood paneled public rooms, with original stone fireplaces and antiques, stepping through the oak doorway is like stepping into another time. The main building was first built in 1565 as the country house of a government minister to Queen Liz, but later became an inn to the coaches which used to come through town in the Victorian days. But they have very comfortable beds. Bay Tree Hotel Burford

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