Bärenfang – Bear Trap Honey Liquor

baren_fang_black_forestBears like honey, and they like it even more when it’s turned into a liquor aperitif called Bärenfang, which means “bear trap” in German. Everyone knows how well bears can hold their liquor. Tell me, how many times have you ever seen a bear weaving down the road behind the wheel of a car? I bet you never have. So, there’s the proof. Bears might drink, they just don’t drive.

Bärenfang is a honey flavored liqueur with a clear Vodka base made in Germany and sometimes called Bärenjäger (Bear Hunter) in English speaking countries. The beverage with generally an alcohol content between 60 to 90 proof  was first developed in East Prussia  in the middle ages of the 15th century for the kings pleasure. The first commercial brand was produced in the Prussian capital city of Königsberg, in eastern Germany, with the continuity of that original marque now produced by the Teucke & Koenig company in the town of Steinhagen, Germany. The Teucke & Koenig brand of Bärenjäger featured a series of labels featuring a fur trapper trapping a bear. The honey for this brand is actually gathered in Mexico. Bärenfang can be homemade with common recipes or in small local brands. Bärenfang can be taken straight over ice, added to tea or a hot toddy, or perhaps poured over ice cream.

Black Forest Bärenfang is especially good, because lots of bears live in the Black Forest and if you’re going to set a trap for bear with honey booze, it better be good!

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