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Bärenfang – Bear Trap Honey Liquor

Bears like honey, and they like it even more when it’s turned into a liquor aperitif called Bärenfang, which means “bear trap” in German. Everyone knows how well bears can hold their liquor. Tell me, how many times have you … Continue reading

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Bears on Great Big Ships

   Toy Bears serve as mascots for some of the World’s Greatest Ships Generally, as a rule, bears don’t sail on ships. It’s not that bears don’t like ships, but bears would usually prefer to play in the water, instead … Continue reading

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Bay Tree Hotel Bears Burford

Here are some bear friends who live at a hotel in the pretty Cotswold area of Gloucestershire England. The hotel is the Bay Tree Hotel in the town of Burford a luxury country inn style of hotel. Maybe Burford sounds like … Continue reading

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Panda Triplets Born in China Zoo

Three new baby Giant Pandas entered the world on July 29, 2014 at a zoo in the southern China city of Guangzhou. It’s extremely rare for triplet panda cubs and these are the result of the country’s artificial breeding program … Continue reading

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Smokey Bear Has a Big Birthday!

Smokey The Bear is having a birthday! He turns 70 years old on Saturday August 9, 2014. He’s even older than Major Ursus! And still keeps going. His original name was just Smokey Bear, but the “The” got added when … Continue reading

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Bill Murray Disney’s New Baloo Bear

The Disney company has announced that Bill Murray is going to be the voice of Baloo the Bear in the new animated version of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”. The Jungle Book was originally not a book at all, but … Continue reading

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Paddington Bear Trail Through London!

A new movie is coming out and fifty life-sized Paddington Bear statues will be placed throughout London, the capital of jolly old England in museums, parks, landmarks and stores,  designed by a whole bunch of artists, designers, and even some famous … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Twins Take Over Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo

Baby bears grow up and other baby bears come along, that’s the cycle of life in zoo marketing. With snowy white fur, polar bear cubs seem to catch the most attention in pictures and videoos, attracting visitors to zoos. The … Continue reading

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George Washington Bear at Valley Forge

Here we are with our new friend George Washington Bear (he’s really a Valley Forge bear, but if he wants to be the father or our bear country, why not?). Valley Forge is the place in Pennsylvania where the Continental … Continue reading

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Uhura Bear – Nichelle Nichols & The BearBuddys

Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek is Newest BearBuddys Fan Here’s us with our newest friend, Nichelle Nichols. She’s a famous actress from the TV show and movies of “Star Trek”, where she played a character called Lt. Uhura, (uhura means … Continue reading

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