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Meet Bao Bao – Baby Giant Panda

Giant pandas are black and white bears that live in temperate-zone bamboo forests in central China. They are maybe the most famous kind of bears because of their awesome cuddliness, and they are really hard to find, because they are … Continue reading

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Bear Rescue

Sometimes bears get to where they don’t really want to be. Like stuck up in a tree. You know, you’re not as thin and energetic as you used to be, put on a few lbs. So, human firemen have to … Continue reading

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China Polar Bear Cubs

Twin polar bear cubs have celebrated their first hundred days since being born at an aquarium in China. So tiny on first delivery they spent time in an incubator, with their eyes closed and just sleeping and eating, with the … Continue reading

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Bear Park in Bern

Berne is the capital city of Switzerland. Berne means bears in Swiss speak. You can see the Swiss bears at the new Bear Park in Berne. The old bears had to live in a pit. It was good that people … Continue reading

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Teddy Bears in Frankfurt

Traveling in Germany and need that stuft toy teddy bear fix away from home? Check out the Bear Paradise Shop on Romerburg Square of the old city of Frankfurt. The old town part of the city had to be rebuilt … Continue reading

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Knut a Requiem

Knut, the polar bear at the Berlin Zoo whose cuddly mug and antics combined with the sad story of his being rejected by his mother and raised by human hands, brought Polar Bears renewed world attention, is dead. About 650 … Continue reading

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BBC Polar Bears

The BBC One station in the UK is premiering a new Polar Bear Documentary with preview videos on youtube – Polar Bear Vids The bears are spied upon by remote cameras disguised as snowballs and ice cubes. But Polar Bears … Continue reading

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Starbucks Polar Bear Pi Ties Conspiracy

Okay, at the beginning of December, Polar Bear Cookies began to appear at Starbucks coffee shops. Cute and white frosted, the bears had red frosted neckties. Oddly the ties were in the shape of the math symbol Pi. What does … Continue reading

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Goldilocks Planet and Bears in Space

Astronomers have announced they believe they have found the “Goldilocks” Planet. That’s the long sought after planet that isn’t too hot and not too cold, not too dense, but dense enough for an atmosphere and just the right distance from … Continue reading

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BearBuddys Prehistoric Tar Pits Journey

The BearBuddys recently took a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits and the Page Museum in Los Angels. They met up and palled around with one of their prehistoric bear relatives. He’s extinct, but they still had a good … Continue reading

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