Meet Bao Bao – Baby Giant Panda

Giant pandas are black and white bears that live in temperate-zone bamboo forests in
central China. They are maybe the most famous kind of bears because of their
awesome cuddliness, and they are really hard to find, because they are nearly
extinct in the wild, so humans can mostly see them in a zoo.

The newest star of the Panda Bear world is named Bao Bao – pronounced like “Bow Bow” if you don’t speak Chinese and not to be confused with a certain kind of Dim Sum. But Bao
Bao is not in China. Her home is at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. and she makes per public debut (sort of like a debutante bear ball) on January 18, 2014.

Zoo members will get an early preview a few days before the general public. Depending on the weather, Bao Bao will be seen outside or inside following her mother Mei Xiang (you pronounce that like May Shong). Panda bears don’t like winter very much so she might stay inside. Bao Bao will be almost 5 months old when she has her coming out party,
but she’s still really just a baby and sleeps about half the day, then play while she’s awake, rolling and tumbling on her head, gnawing on bamboo and annoying her mother.

When she makes the appearance for her new fans, the Zoo people said they won’t make Bao Bao or her mom do anything they don’t want to do. They’ll bring her out into the enclosure for viewing, conduct some training sessions with her and maybe see how much she weighs (she’s putting on a little around the middle…) . If  her mon takes her back into the den, zoo humans won’t make her come out, which is only fair.

Zoo’s are made for the animals, and not the people, right?

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Bear Rescue

Sometimes bears get to where they don’t really want to be. Like stuck up in a tree. You know, you’re not as thin and energetic as you used to be, put on a few lbs. So, human firemen have to come to get you down.

In Colorado, Springs, a Black Bear tipping the scales about 200 pounds needed a lift. They shot it with tranquilizers as if it couldn’t take a nap by itself, then the  firemen used a ladder truck to reach the dozing bear after it fell asleep in the upper branches of the pine tree. A spokesman for the state wildlife service says a wildlife officer and firefighters put a harness around the bear and lowered it to the ground dangling from the end of the ladder. Usually when they tranquize bears, they fall out of the tree and sometimes get caught by a tarp – sometimes not, so this was a gentler journey.

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China Polar Bear Cubs

China Polar Bear CubsTwin polar bear cubs have celebrated their first hundred days since being born at an aquarium in China. So tiny on first delivery they spent time in an incubator, with their eyes closed and just sleeping and eating, with the staff doubting whether they could
survive. But they have grown into an active curious pair. The momma bear became pregnant in August of 2011, the bears are the first to be born at the location.

Polar bears in captivity actually can live longer than their friends in the wild. Some bears at zoos have lived as long as 43 years, but wild polar bears rarely get older than 25. The oldest polar bear known in wild nature got to be 32.

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Bear Park in Bern

Berne is the capital city of Switzerland. Berne means bears in Swiss speak. You can see the Swiss bears at the new Bear Park in Berne. The old bears had to live in a pit. It was good that people could throw snacks to the bears, but the park is nicer, with a big swimming pool. But bears are really hard to find in Switzerland so Berne’s bears are really from Norway, so they don’t speak Swiss. Bear Park in Berne

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Teddy Bears in Frankfurt

Teddy Paradies Frankfurt BearTraveling in Germany and need that stuft toy teddy bear fix away from home? Check out the Bear Paradise Shop on Romerburg Square of the old city of Frankfurt. The old town part of the city had to be rebuilt from wartimes and now the square is a popular place with old half-timber houses and a fountain wwith outdoor cafes. The History Museum is nearby and the old cathdrel where they crowned the Emperors of Germany is not far away.

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Knut a Requiem

Knut, the polar bear at the Berlin Zoo whose cuddly mug and antics combined with the sad story of his being rejected by his mother and raised by human hands, brought Polar Bears renewed world attention, is dead. About 650 people were watching as he seemed to just keel over in his pool.

Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit called Knut’s death “Awful. We all held him so dearly.” Knut was only 4 years old. The cause of death is unknown with an autopsy still pending. Other polar bear cubs have since come along and Knut had faded in his worldwide celebrity as he aged and his cuteness waned. It happens to all of use, I suppose.

Some recent rumors have it that Knut will be stuffed and put on display. That’s okay, some of the best bears I know are stuffed.

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BBC Polar Bears

The BBC One station in the UK is premiering a new Polar Bear Documentary with preview videos on youtube – Polar Bear Vids The bears are spied upon by remote cameras disguised as snowballs and ice cubes. But Polar Bears are pretty darn smart. They know ice cubes don’t run around with electric motors!

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Starbucks Polar Bear Pi Ties Conspiracy

Starbucks Bear CookiesOkay, at the beginning of December, Polar Bear Cookies began to appear at Starbucks coffee shops. Cute and white frosted, the bears had red frosted neckties. Oddly the ties were in the shape of the math symbol Pi. What does this portend. What is the Polar Bear Cookie Conspiracy?

Starbuck Reading BearAh, not only did the bears appear, but also small stuffed furry bears in holiday clothes. I hesitate to say Christmas because we know how politically explosive that is. The cute little bear meant to attract the eyes of innocent children are reading miniature books titled “The Mouse Writer”. Now why would a bear be reading a mouse book. Could that be a connection to Disney’s famous mouse? Is he writing under a pseudonym? Is there a secret plot that connects Starbucks Coffee and mice, or a frozen animator in hybernation. Is it a message from a cryogenic freezer beyond the pale?

Starbuck Bears an Thanksgiving CoffeeAnd now the mystery thickens, the plot deepens.  The Polar Bear cookies have disappeared. Where did they go? What are they planning? And why are stuffed bears selling Thanksgiving Blend Coffee? Could they be plotting some revenge with turkeys? And can polar bears do advanced math?

The bear had

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Goldilocks Planet and Bears in Space

Bear Buddys in Space

Bearbuddys Volunteer for Space Travel

Astronomers have announced they believe they have found the “Goldilocks” Planet. That’s the long sought after planet that isn’t too hot and not too cold, not too dense, but dense enough for an atmosphere and just the right distance from its star to be in the “habitable zone,” so it can support liquid water and therfore some form of life. Though, there may not be enough to support forests and therefore bears. But Maybe. The Planet is called “Gliese 581g” located in the constellation of Libra. It’s one of 6 planets circling the Red Dwarf star Gliese 581.

The planet is a lot closer to its star than Earth is to our sun, and bigger than the Earth, but the planet stays with one side constantly facing the star so the Goldilock’s zone is in the middle temperate zone band between the light and dark side. Scientists supposedly figured all this out by reading the radio telescope signature of the star and how it wobbles. They can’t actually see the planet, but deduce its behavior based on the star’s gravitational wiggle factor.

Alfred feels the three bears always got the raw end of the deal in their case with that blond curly haired little housebreaker and thinks some investigation is in order before this mysterious radar wiggle is declared an official “Goldilocks” planet. In fact, the Bearbuddys here now bravely volunteer to be the first Bears in Space to go check it out.

Or watch the BearBuddys In Space Movie

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BearBuddys Prehistoric Tar Pits Journey

BearBuddys at Tar Pits

BearBuddys With Prehistoric Friend

The BearBuddys recently took a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits and the Page Museum in Los Angels. They met up and palled around with one of their prehistoric bear relatives. He’s extinct, but they still had a good time.  The tar pits are still there, with replica of mastadons stuck in the tar along Wilshire Boulevard. Excavations of old bones stuck in the deep layers of tar are going on. The George C. Page Museum in the park where the tar pits are is filled with bones from the Ice Age (just like the animated movie) when animals would get trapped in the bubbly tar pits on the surface. More animals would attack them and they’d get stuck, too.

Prehistoric Lion Skeleton

Prehistoric Lion Skeleton at Page Museum

Sabre Tooth tigers, pre-historic lions and wolves, giant ground sloths, Mastadons and Mammoth skeletons can all be found there. Very educational. Only one human has been found in the tar, and not many bears, but a whole bunch of wolves! I guess wolves are kinda dumb. Alfred and Leander even found some Sabre Tooth cat and Woolly Mammoth stuffed animal friends there in the store, along with books on prehistoric times.  La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum

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